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The  Whittaker  Bursary

About the Whittaker Trust

Who are we?

The Whittaker Bursary is provided by the Whittaker Trust that is a charity in Guernsey and awards higher education bursaries to selected students with Guernsey residential qualifications.  

The trustees are:

John Langlois

Simon Le Tocq

Martyn Mann

Dr Mary Whittaker

Dr Mary Whittaker was a pioneer of her generation working in science when it was a mainly a male dominated field.

Mary was awarded a DSc (this is a higher qualification than a PhD) from King's College London as a young woman. She then went on to work there as a Reader in BioChemistry.

For her research at King's College she was awarded a fellowship from the Royal College of Anaesthetists.

It was at King's College that she met, later in life, Professor Style who was the Professor of Chemistry and she went on to marry him.

When they married, he retired and they moved to Devon with Mary continuing her research at Exeter University.

When Mary retired she moved to Guernsey (her parents having moved here in the early 1950s) and lived for many years at Cobo. Throughout her retirement she retained a keen interest in biochemistry keeping up with the latest academic journals.

Her wish, emanating from her and her husband’s work was to pass on her passion for training students in the sciences. She put her resources where her heart was and bequeathed her estate to endow a fund for this purpose.